Friday, 23 November 2012

The names M, Barry M

                            So, I thought i'd do a blog post about my crazy obsession with BARRY M!
                            Whoever he is, I would just like to mention that I love him. I'm currently
                            Studying at City And Islington college, where their rules for clothing and
                            make up is far from strict, which is one great thing about college. I think
                            that college is a time in your life to express who you are as a person, and
                           be individual. So I absolutely love having a colour on my nails because
                            it brings any outfit together and for me... well I feel absolutely naked
                             without it!!! When I see the rainbow of colours stacked on the shop
                            shelf i'm instantly drawn to it. Barry M is by far the best nail paint to
                                date. I find it stays on for about 4-5 days before it starts chipping and
                                 they are VERY cheap. Usually about three to four pounds. Barry M
                               have a massive collection of colours, from warm reds and oranges to icy
                                    blues, turquoises and greens. My favourite is no. 32 (below)
                           So next time you're out why not pick up a pot of it... You WILL NOT be
                                                         dissapointed. Thats a promise.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

There's A First For Everything.

So, This is my first ever blog post? Status? I have literally have no idea what it's called. Ok so my best friend Lewis Wilson (www.Erikorangefashion/ kept going on at me to make a blog for so long, so... I thought why not. I have no idea how this blog will turn out but we'll see ey. Ellie x (Are you even supposed to end a blog post like this?)